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About Action for Earth

Our purpose is to fight climate change by helping individuals and organizations Offset their Carbon Emissions.
We work with sustainable and regenerative projects around the world with a vision to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

We understand that “net-zero” is not NET ZERO DAMAGE.

The way “net-zero” (by offsetting our carbon emission) works is by starting off with the assumption that pillaging, polluting & poisoning our planet is okay – as long as we pay some organization to plant trees on our behalf. By doing this we offset our carbon emission and achieve “net-zero”
But it is like saying “Oh, I see mother nature is bleeding out from the bullet holes I put in her, so let me pay someone to put a band-aid, while I continue to put more bullet holes.
We’re well beyond the “do less damage” phase of our civilization journey. We need to reverse the course and start healing ecosystems and reverse damage.

We at Actionfor.Earth understand the need to dress the bullet holes and seek medical damage.

The partners we have on-board don’t just dress the bullet holes; but make sure less people or organizations put them there in the first place.

We not only plant trees to offset carbon Emissions – but we also donate to projects that make sure less Carbon is emitted into the atmosphere.

Globally, primary sources of greenhouse gas emissions are electricity and heat(31%), agriculture(11%), transportation(15%), forestry(6%) and manufacturing(12%).

Our purpose is to work with and empower projects that are working towards sustainable alternatives for the primary sources of carbon emissions.


Every 1 kg of food wasted and thrown into the landfill adds 2.5 Kg of CO2 & 0.08 Kg of Methane to the atmosphere.
To put this into perspective – each year we waste 1.3 gigatons of edible food and this releases 3.3 gigatons of CO2 equivalent, without taking into account land use.

So sometimes the answer can be as simple as empowering organizations that reduce food wastage making sure less food reaches the landfills.

Meet the Team:
Ajinkya Jagtap